Contact Lens Comparison

Bausch And Lomb Contact Lenses

Undoubtedly, Bausch and Lomb is one of the best known, oldest and most respected health care brands in the world. This company is mainly dedicated to perfecting vision and enhancing life thereon. This company started as a small optical shop in 1853 that later grew up to become a multi billion dollar corporation having 14,000 employees worldwide and products being sold in more than 100 countries. The reason behind the popularity of this brand is that it invents new materials, engineers new technologies, and creates pioneering ways to help people see better. This company manufactures different types of contact lenses for correcting various disorders. Some of these are:

Myopia or Hyperopia 
A) Pure vision contact lenses: They contain silicone hydrogel resulting in enhanced aspheric optical design.
B) Others are Soflens 38 contact lenses, soflens one day disposable contact lenses, nike maxsight contact lenses, optima 38/sp contact lenses.

Presbyopia covers two types of contact lenses- Pure vision multi focal contact lenses and soflens multi focal contact lenses.

A) For astigmatism: The lenses for correcting this disorder help in better visual acuity. Some of the contacts are- Pure vision toric contact lenses, Soflens toric contact lenses, Optima toric contact lenses.

B) For therapeutic use: Some easy to fit spherical soft lenses are designed for therapeutic use. This category includes Plano-t therapeutic contact lenses.

C) Sport tinted contact lenses: These are available in two glare reducing tints. The patented light architecture of these lenses filters specific wavelengths of light to enhance key elements in sports. These include nike maxsight sport-tinted contact lenses.

Bausch and lomb also manufactures a variety of gas permeable contact lenses and also specific contact lens care products. So, undoubtedly Bausch and Lomb offers the world's most comprehensive portfolio of eye health products.