Contact Lens Comparison

Boston Contact Lenses- The Perfect Choice

A warm welcome to the world of Boston contact lenses as they are the highest rated gas permeable contact lenses in the whole market. This is a special brand manufactured by Bausch and Lomb separately. These Boston lenses are the most popular gas permeable lenses recommended by a majority of eye care practitioners. These lenses surely are an alternative to the old hard lenses and soft lenses which are known to offer clear vision along with durability.

Each of these lenses are custom made by using an array of base designs and precision prescriptions for crafting a contact lens to fit the natural shape of your eyes. All these Boston contact lenses have a patented surface design whose ultra smooth and non sticky nature helps resist dirt and debris. Boston manufactures various gas permeable lenses but some of the most important varieties are:

Boston ES: These lenses are especially designed for daily wear. They utilize aercor lens architecture and improved lens materials resulting in superb comfort and clarity. They are made of a material called enflufocon A and their specific gravity, base curve and diameter can all be custom fitted.

Boston Envision: These are well known for their comfort and unparalleled reliability. These lenses are the utmost choice for astigmatism patients but can also be used for correcting various other vision disorders. They utilize a unique back surface design and custom fit to ensure comfort. They also offer a wide optic zone for optimal clarity. The material used in the making of these lenses is known as enflufocon B. Colors available include- Green, Brown, Gray, Blue, and Ice Blue.

Boston II: These also utilizes aercor lens architecture and superb lens materials for excellent comfort and clarity. Made of a material called itafocon A, these lenses are available in clear, green and blue shades.

Boston 7: These gas permeable lenses are better than those which were used earlier for daily wear. These lenses are balanced lenses as they provide improved impact resistance and oxygen permeability. Boston 7 utilizes technological innovations in basic polymer chemistry to have a lens which provides a balance between the effects of low and high Dk materials. Satafocon A is the material used to make these lenses and they are available in blue and ice blue color shades.

Boston IV: These are also known to provide excellent clarity and comfort. They are made from a material called itafocon B and are available in Blue, Clear, Electric Blue color.

Most of these Boston contact lenses are available in all the designs including Aspheric, Bifocal, Toric, Bi-Toric, Front Toric, Back Toric contacts. They all provide you with great vision without any discomfort.