Contact Lens Comparison

Cibavision Contact Lenses

One of the most reputable brands of contact lenses is Cibavision. It is the leading researcher in the development and manufacturing of contact lenses and lens care products. Cibavision has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. This company provides various alternatives to your vision needs from fun lenses to essential, from disposable to permanent and many more. Cibavision is very innovative as it keeps on exploring new materials and devices which continue to yield eye care breakthroughs. Further is also the leading international provider of cosmetic contact lenses. It offers a large variety of colors, modalities and cosmetic contact lens styles with more than 85 combinations than the other manufacturers.

Cibavision is basically the eye care unit of Novartis AG which is a world leader in healthcare, pediatrics, eye care and animal health. This company manufactures many varieties of contact lenses to enable the consumers to have a pair of contact lenses according to their choice and requirement. Some of the Cibavision contact lenses with their products are given below:

A) Daily disposable wear: It manufactures daily disposable lenses known as Focus dailies.

B) Weekly or monthly wear: The weekly or monthly wear contacts include O2 optix, Night and day, Focus 1-2 week, Choice A.B, and Precision UV.

C) For astigmatism: It also produces lenses to correct astigmatism like Focus dailies toric, Fresh looks colorblends toric, Cibasoft progressive toric and many more.

D) Cosmetic: The cosmetic range includes Freshlook one day, Freshlooks colorblends, Freshlook radiance, Freshlook dimensions, Cibasoft soft colors and many more.

E) Bifocal lenses: It also contains bifocal lenses like Focus dailies progressive, Focus progressives, and Cibasoft progressive toric.

F) Specialty lenses: These includes Cibasoft and CSI.

So all these types of contact lenses are offered by Cibavision which help you experience life's most wonderful moments through a more crisp and clear vision. The main aim of Cibavision is to continuously work towards improving, protecting and preserving your eyesight with their numerous options of contact lenses and lens care products.