Contact Lens Comparison

Know It All About Cibavision Fluorocon Contact Lenses

Cibavision contact lenses are well known in the market for their high quality and extreme durability. The company has a number of products in all ranges. Cibavision Fluorocon is one of the best products made by the company. These are rigid gas permeable lenses that are designed to have lifetime spanning in years. These lenses are a product of high grade computer aided designing and speak a lot about the capability of Cibavision as a leading manufacturer of contact lenses.

Rigid Lenses are not Hard Lenses
Unlike the hard contact lenses of the days gone by, these lenses do not restrict the flow of oxygen to your eyes. This ensures that your eyes get the required air flow and do not become dry. In such a condition the possibility of eye infection or corneal ulcer is all but eliminated. These lenses are designed to be more flexible than the traditional hard lenses which allows them to be worn for longer durations in one go.

Advantage over soft contacts
As compared to the more popular soft lenses, the Fluorocon lenses have multiple advantages. These lenses are made of pretty stiff material. This means that even if you blink, these lenses would not lose their shape. You would get a vision that is much more crisp as compared to the soft contacts.

Fluorocon lenses are designed to be extremely durable. By no means are these lenses indestructible, but unlike the soft lenses these lenses do not get torn. Additionally these lenses are not made with an inherent water content. This allows the lenses to remain free of protein or lipid accumulation. These accumulation issues are the biggest problem with soft contact. If you follow all the directions properly, you can expect the lifetime of a Fluorocon lens to be as much as three times that of any soft contact lens.

Best used by
These are general usage lenses but in a number of cases these lenses are the best choice for the user. Some cases include:

* If you have undergone refractive surgery
* If you have of Keratoconus which has led to your cornea becoming cone shaped
* If you have Presbyopia
* If you need bifocal contacts
* If you need multifocal contact lenses
* If you have astigmatism and the soft contacts are not performing as expected
* If you think that soft contact lenses are just not clear enough
* If you are looking for lenses with longer life

Cibavision Fluorocon contact lenses offer you more than what any standard soft contact lenses would offer. These lenses are however a bit more expensive and need all the care that you would have to give to soft contact lenses. If soft contact lenses are not of much use to you, Cibavision Fluorocon are your best choice.