Contact Lens Comparison

CooperVision Contact Lenses

CooperVision is also a reputable contact lens company offering various types of lenses. In fact CooperVision is the fourth largest contact lens manufacturer in the world and is the leading manufacturer of toric lenses. It is a pioneer of contact lenses for decades. It has its network across five continents covering 12 countries in all. CooperVision is known for giving stress on its specialty lenses option side by side offering other high quality lenses. It offers a contact lens called Frequency 55 Aspheric which is known for offering best possible vision in soft contact lens. Its another lens called Frequence 55 multifocal, corrects presbyopia by using revolutionary two lens system.

CooperVision uses the latest technology, materials and designs to offer contact lenses to the patients thus enhancing their wearing experience. Some of the contact lenses offered by it are:

Biomedics include various lenses like:

A) Biomedic 1day: it is a daily disposable contact lens
B) Biomedics 55premier: This results in enhanced image quality by affectively controlling spherical aberration.
C) Others are biomedics toric and biomedics XC

These provide both natural eye color enhancement or change plus best possible vision. These lenses include:

A) Expressions accent: This provides best vision and an option of changing your eye color.
B) The other variety is Expressions colors.

Frequency provides unsurpassed vision quality along with immense comfort. These include:

A) The best of this lens's family is frequence 55 aspheric as it provides exceptional comfort, easy handling and fantastic performance.
B) Other types includes Frequency 38 sphere, frequency 55 multifocal, frequency 55 sphere, frequency 55 toric and XR.

These are custom- made lenses and include hydrasoft sphere and hydrasoft toric.

These are perfect for people with active lifestyle and offer superior handling and durability. These includes preference toric and preference toric Xr which can correct astigmatism.

It provides excellent level of comfort by using PC technology. This variety includes:
A)Proclear multifocal: These are particularly used to correct presbyopia and eye dryness.
B)The other contacts includes Proclear sphere, proclear tailor made toric and proclear toric.

Other variety includes Ultra vue contact lenses and Vertex contact lenses. So, these are the various options provided by CooperVision which you can make your pick from.