Contact Lens Comparison

Durasoft 2 Optifit Lenses From Ciba Vision

Ciba Vision was one of the first companies to make Toric contact lenses for people with astigmatism. Today, the company offers Durasoft 2 Optifit Toric color contact  lenses for such needs. These lenses are made using a computer aided manufacturing process which has a very high degree of precision. This allows the lens to fit almost any person who has astigmatism, regardless of a number of different parameters. In addition, these lenses are designed to be extremely durable and extremely easy to handle. These are color lenses and are available in color enhancement version for people with light eyed colors.

Make and Manufacture
These lenses are made of Phemfilcon A and they have 38% water content. Base Curves for these lenses are available in three options - Flat, Steep and Median. The diameter of the lens is 14.5 and it has a full circle axes with steps of 5 degrees. These lenses are made for daily use and have an expected lifetime of an year which means that they have to be replaced once in an year.

Usage Patterns
These lenses are meant to be used by people who have no history of being Aphakic. These lenses can be worn on a daily basis provided that they are taken off to be cleaned and disinfected. Depending upon the condition of the wearer, these lenses may be used as both longer wear, spanning up to an year or for frequent replacement. Though special cleaning solutions are available to clean and reuse these lenses even in cases where frequent replacement is recommended.

Cleaning the Lenses
Regular cleaning of these lenses is necessary and this should be done in addition to the enzyme cleaning processes. Enzyme cleaning will ensure that the protein deposits on these lenses are thoroughly cleaned off. Regular cleaners are useless against such deposits and both enzyme cleaning and regular solution cleaning has to be taken up.

Note that the case of contact lenses is also a source of problems. It is a must that the lens case is regularly drained and is thoroughly cleaned. Such cleaning is recommended at least once every week.

Not Recommended For

These are medical grade lenses and are not recommended for use by people who match the below parameters.

1.    People who experience infection or inflammation in eye chamber
2.    People who have microbial infection.
3.    People who tend to have dry eyes due to lack of lacrimal secretion
4.    People with damaged cornea, eyelids or conjuctiva
5.    People who have corneal hyposthesia
6.    People who tend to get eyelid infections
7.    People who are using any medicine which might hamper the usage of these lenses.

Durasoft 2 Optifit lenses are designed to be the best in class but they can only be effective if used with proper care and precaution.