Contact Lens Comparison

Five Advantages Of Contacts Over Glasses

Most teenagers with glasses would kill to wear contacts. Some parents agree and let their children try contacts while others are a little hesitant. It is true that for younger people, contacts are not always the best option. They can be difficult to take care of and require a little patience and maturity in order to handle them correctly. However, when you think about it, even though they are more work, contacts do have advantages over glasses. If you are thinking about getting contacts, consider these five advantages to help you make an educated decision on the matter.

A) Flexibility matters: When you have glasses on there are times when they simply get in the way. Sports players know that glasses can be very annoying when playing time comes. They can get smudged when you are cooking and if they don’t fit properly can even fall off your nose when you are reading. These annoyances are often what draw people to contacts. Contacts are great because they offer flexibility. You will not need to worry about your contacts breaking when you are playing tennis or when you are baking a cake. There is no need to remove your contacts to hug your child or to change your clothing. The fact is that glasses can sometimes make life more difficult whereas contacts are completely out of the way.

B) Better range: Another aggravating thing about glasses is that they don’t always offer the best range of vision. You only have the vision that you can see through your lenses. Your peripheral vision is not usually included in this range. While this is not a problem for everyone, it can be a problem for some people. When people first get glasses, the brain finds the new range of vision so unusual that they often feel like there is a huge step right in front of them. Anyone who has gotten glasses understands this feeling. Of course the feeling goes away after your brain gets use to it, but it represents the limited range glasses provide. Contacts are not the same. They provide as much vision as your eye will allow. They work for peripheral vision as well. This is another advantage to contacts.

C) Sun-Friendly: Have you ever been wearing glasses in your car when the sun is beaming in your eyes? If you have, then you likely went out and purchased prescription sunglasses shortly thereafter. Glasses can be a pain when it comes to using them in sunny situations. There is always the option of purchasing prescription sunglasses, but they are often more expensive that you would expect. You can also try the clip-on varieties, but they can be just as annoying. If you can’t stand dealing with your glasses in the sun, you will be glad to know that contacts are much more sun-friendly. When you have contacts, you can use any non-prescription sunglasses you like. Using sunglasses is important for your eyes and even lessens wrinkles that come from squinting in the sun.

D) Fashionable: While glasses can be fashionable and trendy, contacts take the cake in the prescription eye wear department. The thing that makes contacts so fashionable is that they are virtually unnoticeable. When you wear glasses day in and day out, they will feel more like a ball and chain than a fashion statement. If you typically wear contacts and change to glasses for a day however you will see how each has its own fashion advantage. Contacts pull ahead in the fashion game however because they can even make your eye color appear to change. This is a huge trend in fashion and one that glasses can’t compete with.

E) Be yourself: A final advantage of wearing contacts is that you can simply be yourself when you are wearing them. They allow everyone to enjoy your beautiful eyes without having to peek around glasses to see them. They allow you to always look natural and fresh. You can do the things you want to do with contacts in and let your true self shine through. With contacts you can look like you have perfection vision and no one will ever know any different unless you choose to tell them otherwise. Contacts are a natural solution to poor vision.