Contact Lens Comparison

Focus Contact Lenses from CIBA VISION

Focus contact lenses is yet another brand offering from contact lens manufacturer CIBA VISION. CIBA VISION is the eye care unit of the Atlanta, Georgia based Novartis AG. It has been in the market of contact lens manufacture and marketing since 1980 and is considered to be one of the most popular contact lens brands.

Take a look at the different contact lenses offered under its Focus brand.

Focus Monthly Contact Lenses: Focus Monthly is a soft disposable contact lens offering from CIBA VISION. These lenses have been designed for flexible eye-wear schedules. They are made from 45 per cent polymer (Vifilcon A). The remainder 55 per cent is water. A box of Focus Monthly contains 6 contact lenses and retails for about $36.95.

Focus Dailies Progressives: These are daily disposable contact lenses from CIBA VISION. Unlike Focus Monthly, which was meant for flexible eye-wear schedule, Focus Dailies can be used and thrown away on a daily basis. Each lens is made up of 45 per cent of Vifilcon A and 55 per cent water. A box of Daily Progressives contains 30 contact lenses and the box retails for about $35.95.

Focus 1-2 Weeks Contact Lenses: These lenses are meant for those who have a semi-flexible contact lens-wear schedule. These contact lenses can be used for up to a week. However, with proper and regular cleaning, their use can be extended by another week. The material content in each lens is 55 per cent water and 45 per cent Vifilcon A. Each box of Focus weekly contains 6 contact lenses and retails for about $24.99.

Focus Monthly Softcolor: These monthly contact lenses are colored contact lenses From Focus, CIBA VISION. They are meant to enhance the visibility and visual appeal of your eyes. Color offerings include colors such as Aqua, Royal Blue and Evergreen. Each box of Focus Monthly Softcolor contains 1 contact lens and retails for about $9.99.

Focus Night and Day:
This is a recent launch from CIBA VISION. You can wear these contact lenses for up to 30 nights. These are meant for those who wear their contact lenses daily. They are FDA approved. Each box contains 6 contact lenses and the retail price is $69.99.

Focus Dailies Toric: Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are meant for people suffering from astigmatism. These are daily disposable contact lenses that can be thrown away after use. The material content of each eye lens is 31 per cent of polymer Nelfilcon A while the remainder 69 per cent is water. Each box contains 30 contact lenses and the retail price of each box is $27.99.

Focus Dailies (Box of 90) Contact Lenses: This is a jumbo offering for those who are in regular need of daily disposable contact lenses. Each box contains 90 contact lenses which last you for up to 45 days. The regular retail price is $37.95 per box, which is much cheaper than the 30 lens pack of Focus Daily Progressives.