Contact Lens Comparison

Focus Dailies 90 PK - Cheap and Comfortable Soft Contacts

Ciba Vision is one of the biggest names when it comes to contact lenses and the company has introduced the best in class daily lenses under their Focus Dailies brand. Focus Dailies 90 PK are available under this brand and have become well established in the market ever since they were introduced.

Key Features of Focus Dailies
Focus Dailies 90 PK are really good quality daily use contact lenses. These are soft lenses and they are specially crafted to have a very thin edge. This makes it very difficult for anyone to know that you are wearing contacts. In addition the Focus dailies have a blink activated moisturizing system. Every time that you blink, the lens gets moisturized. This means that throughout the day, the lenses would never give you dry eyes. The lenses are designed to be highly comfortable.

Safety with Focus
If you make sure that you adhere to the usage directions, there is no way that the Focus dailies would cause any harm to your eyes. You must adhere to every single word of advice and caution that was told to you by the ophthalmologist. Keep in mind that the very nature of eye sight is that it tends to change over time. Generally this happens without any symptom as is the case with other ailments or problems. These Focus lenses are certified to be safe and their special blink activated moisturization system makes them all the more capable.

Usage and Replacement
As these are Focus Dailies, they need to be changed on a daily basis. Generally these lenses have an expected life of 8 -10 hours and assume that you will be sleeping most of the left out time in the day or would be wearing glasses or would be doing things which cannot be done while wearing contacts. Bathing is one such thing. Apart from their change frequency, there is nothing special to consider for Focus Dailies. The usage pattern of any other set of lenses would be equally applicable to the Focus Dailies 90 PK. In addition to this, the dailies are very convenient. With other contact lenses, you would have to worry about keeping the lenses clean. There is no such problem with dailies because they are a use and throw product.

Pricing and Availability
Focus Dailies 90 PK are very affordable and great value for money. You can get 3 boxes of these lenses for as low as $35  where each box comes with 90 lenses. Focus Dailies 90 PK are easily available both online and over the counter at opticians.