Contact Lens Comparison

Freshlook Radiance Contact Lenses For Best And Beautiful Eye Care

Ciba Vision Corporation is one of the biggest innovators in the field of contact lenses. The company has a wide range of normal vision correction lenses and a wider range of products which not only just correct the vision but do much more than that. Freshlook Radiance is the company's flag-ship product in their Freshlook lineup of color contact lenses.

Color contact lenses with a difference
You would have come across many color contact lenses in the market. Freshlook Radiance is able to stand out of the crowd because it is much more than just an eye color changing contact lens. These lenses are designed and made in such a manner that not only would they change the color of your eye, they will also make your eyes look much more bright. They add a special glow to your eyes. There are four color options available in the market. These are Sunrise, Moonlight, Autumn and Eden.

Creating the Glow
Ciba Vision has used some of its sharpest people to develop these contact lenses. They create the glow by a combination of multiple techniques. These lenses are designed to be light refracting which bounces off the extra light. This ensures that not only do you get a perfect vision but your eyes seem to glow as well. In order to  ensure that the glow looks natural, the company has made charcoal outer patterns on lenses which give it a kind of definition. The lenses are designed to be equally suitable to people who have dark colored eyes or who have light color eyes.

Taking Care of Your Freshlook Radiance
Using the Freshlook Radiance can be best experienced if you follow certain precautionary tips. Here are some common tips  recommended by Ciba Vision.

1.    Properly wash your hands before you put on the lenses or before you remove them.
2.    Do not use non prescription lens cleaners.
3.    Make sure that you adhere to every single direction related to using the lenses or lens cleaner.
4.    Make sure that you properly clean your contacts after every usage.
5.    Regularly clean the contact lens case. Change the case every month.
6.    Check if your lenses are not inside out before you put them on.
7.    Make sure that you do not wear makeup that can harm the lenses.
8.    Never mix different kinds of lens cleaners.
9.    Never wear your contacts while swimming.
10.    Never wear your contacts in a Sauna or a steam bath.
11.    Never ever try to lick your lenses clean.
12.    Finally make sure that you never wear the Freshlook Radiance lenses after their expiration date.

If used carefully, the Freshlook Radiance lenses can add a lot to your overall looks. Make sure that you get the lenses from an authorized dealer.