Contact Lens Comparison

Glasses And Contacts Make Quite A Team- When You Use Them Together

Many people think they must decide between wearing either glasses or contacts when it comes to improving their vision. Nothing can be further from the truth! In fact, a well-rounded vision improvement plan should utilize both of these fantastic forms of eye care technology.

A) Advantageous of contacts
There are many advantages that a person can enjoy from wearing contacts. First, contacts provide a greater sense of freedom. Many people wearing glasses feel as though their activities are more restricted because of their glasses. For example, participating in certain sports can be more difficult when wearing glasses because of the concern the glasses may fall off or become broken. Balls used in many sports games can accidentally hit someone in the face and break the glasses. In addition to ruining the glasses, this can lead to further injury as the broken glasses cut the face.

Those who do not actively participate in sports also feel greater freedom when wearing contacts simply because they do not have to worry about losing them while participating in certain activities. For example, riding rides at amusement parks can be cumbersome for a person wearing glasses. Similarly, women who enjoy wearing makeup find it to be more convenient to apply makeup while wearing contacts rather than while wearing glasses.

Of course, another reason many individuals prefer wearing contacts over glasses is for the sake of their appearance. Many people feel they look more attractive while wearing contacts rather than wearing glasses. This is a matter of individual preference and taste. But, there is much to be said about the added feeling of confidence many people experience while wearing contacts rather than glasses.

B) Advantages of wearing glasses
While there are several advantages to wearing contacts, there are also several advantages to wearing glasses. For example, glasses are far more convenient than contacts. The process of placing contacts in the eyes and removing them later can be difficult for some people and can be time consuming. In addition, contact lenses require regular cleaning in order to prevent them from causing harm to the eyes. This, too, can be time consuming and costly as special materials need to be purchased in order to maintain contact lenses.

Contacts also bring about an increased risk for eye infections. Contacts that are not properly cared for can cause small cuts to the eye or trap bacteria. This is particularly true if the contact wearer does not wash his or her hands thoroughly before inserting and removing the contacts. In addition, contacts do not allow a regular flow of oxygen to reach the eyes. This can be unhealthy for the eyes and can also encourage bacteria to grow. Of course, these potential complications can be avoided through proper care of the contacts and by washing the hands.

C) The perfect team
People with poor eyesight have found the ultimate combination in using glasses and contacts together. For them it is the perfect team. If you are looking to change the way you look, you can use the contact lenses when you go out and use the glasses when you are at home. Those engaged in sports activities can use the contacts to their advantage. As I say, this is a great team, as it apart from allowing your eyes to receive adequate oxygen and remain healthy provide all the perks of wearing contacts.