Contact Lens Comparison

Johnson And Johnson Contact Lenses

Johnson and Johnson with the help of its operating companies, is one of the world's comprehensive manufacturer of health care products. The ultimate aim of this company is to provide high quality products and service to help cure disease an thus improve the overall quality of life. Two words, care and trust are associated with this company. Johnson and Johnson provides world's most exceptional vision correction options as it is trying to transform the world 's vision by increasing vision care awareness.

Vistakon, a division of Johnson and Johnson vision care, Inc. makes number one soft disposable contact lenses called ACUVUE brand contact lenses. These contact lenses provide correct vision, comfort and convenience at an affordable price. All manufacturing facilities of Johnson and Johnson vision care inc. are FDA approved and ISO 9001 and 13485 certified so they are very much safe to use.

ACUVUE brand offers you various categories of contact lenses. Some of them are:

General vision lenses
This variety includes contacts like:

A) ACUVUE advance brand contact lenses with hydraclear- these include hydraclear technology to provide soft and silky feel.
B) Other variety includes ACUVUE Oasys contact lenses with hydraclear plus, ACUVUE2 contact lenses, 1-day ACUVUE contact lenses and many more.

Color lenses
This option includes ACUVUE 2 colors brand contact lenses which can be worn by people with 20/20 vision, just for fun.

Astigmatism lenses
These are used to correct astigmatism, a vision disorder. These include:

A) ACUVUE advance brand contact lenses for astigmatism: It combines hydraclear technology for providing clear vision and comfort.
B) Other lenses are ACUVUE brand toric contact lenses.

Multifocal lenses
This include ACUVUE brand bifocal contact lenses which enable you to see clearly both near and far and also in most lighting conditions.

These are the important products offered by ACUVUE contact lenses. In fact these were the first disposable lenses which could be worn for up to 1 week, thrown away and replaced with a new pair. Around two billion lenses have been manufactured by Johnson and Johnson vision care inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. So take this brand in to consideration before buying contact lenses.