Contact Lens Comparison

Purevision Contacts Are The Right Choice!

A part of eye care giant Bausch and Lomb, Purevision contact lens is one of the latest and the most advanced in the market promising to take vision wear to the next level.

The Bausch and Lomb Purevision contacts consist of silicon hydrogel, specifically designed to provide the eyes with incredible comfort and unparalleled visual quality while maintaining eye health. The design details enable the wearer to get perfectly clear and crisp vision even in low light situations such as when driving at night. The lens suits every eye condition including near sightedness, far sightedness or astigmatism.

The purevision contact also boasts of the patented Aergel material, revolutionary surface constitution and contours crafted with immense precision all of which contribute to the overall comfort and health level for the eyes. In fact, the lenses are considered to be so comfortable that the wearer may very well forget when he/she has it on.

Qualities of Purevision contacts
* Aergel material is designed to provide natural levels of oxygen to the wearer's eye to keep them healthy. What's more, this hydrogel silicon based material also allows for maximum elasticity.

* For a constant feeling of freshness, the Purevision possesses the Performa surface which helps repel dust and debris which may come in contact with your eye, accumulate, and thus cloud the vision. The Performa process also prevents lipids and proteins from building up thereby minimizing chances of any discomfort caused due to contact lenses.

* The Aergel material also works simultaneously to maintain the natural moisture level of the eyes. Thus, the Purevision lenses remain moist to provide the wearer with maximum comfort.

* The thin rounded edges of the contacts ensure a great fit. The carefully produced contours ensure long lasting ease for the eyes.

* What's more, the lens comes with a 30 day convenience period. Lenses only need to be changed every 30 days, thereby, making it much easier to remember when to start with a fresh pair. The lenses are also FDA approved for 30 day extended daily wear.

However, it is best to consult you ophthalmologist to decide what type of wearing schedule would be appropriate for you.

Purevision contact lenses come in three product classification.

The classic Purevision contacts focus on minimizing spherical aberration which results in rich contrast and clearly defined detail for sharper and clearer images from all angles.

Purevision Toric for Astigmatism focuses on people suffering from astigmatism syndrome. The unique design of this particular lens ensures that it always stays in place and does not rotate every time you blink your eyes.

The Purevision multi focal contact lens allows you to wear your contacts without having to reach for your reading glasses. With these lenses, you will be able to see everything present at every distance. They also help correct presbyopia, a naturally occurring vision ailment which effects people around the age group of forty.

Therefore, with Purevision you can look forward to uninterrupted vision of perfect clarity and detail without any of the discomfort so often experienced with other lens or glasses.