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Over-The-Counter Or Prescription- Reading Glasses Revisited

When you are growing up and are experiencing life as a young adult, you may think it is ridiculous when your grandparents reach for their tiny little spectacles to read. Sometimes you may even gawk at your parents as they consistently wear their reading glasses on a chain around their neck. Reading glasses have never been very trendy, until lately. They have always been purchased and worn more for need than for style. The condition that makes reading glasses necessary is called presbyopia.

It is something that simply occurs with age and is often referred to as farsightedness as well. Presbyopia makes seeing things closely very difficult. It can make reading the paper or a menu almost impossible. Even when you have contacts or have had Lasik surgery, people with presbyopia will still often need reading glasses. With more than 33 million pairs of reading glasses sold each year, experts see this as a trend that will not be leaving anytime soon.

Over-the-Counter versus prescription:

We have all seen the little displays of reading glasses in the pharmacy or your local general merchandise store. While most people usually walk on by and leave them for the older and thriftier people, once you start needing reading glasses, you may want to stop and look a little closer. If you have vision problems, other than presbyopia, chances are you visit your local eye care professional for your vision needs. This is something that is necessary for some people. Eye care professionals can often give you a prescription for readers as well. They will most likely tell you what your reading glasses prescription is however and instruct you to hit that little pharmacy display.

The truth is that purchasing over the counter reading glasses is not a bad idea. They are very affordable, allowing you to get several pairs. With reading glasses being lost and misplaced more often than any other type of eyewear, it is a good idea to have a backup pair. You don’t want to be forced to hold your readers up with only one ear piece or even beg to borrow someone else’s. When all else fails, these methods will work, but since they are so inexpensive, it is best to have a backup pair or two around.

Doctors will agree that no matter if you splurge for expensive brand named reading glasses or choose a pair from the pharmacy shelf, reading glasses are basically the same. They will not harm your vision or your eyes. Doctors admit that you should still have your eyes checked at least every two years, or annually after the age of 60, to determine any other problems that may be occurring with or without your knowledge. Using over the counter reading glasses is fine with most doctors however, so don’t lie about using them when you go for your visit.

Those who constantly reach for their reading glasses may think that surgery is the best option for them. Remember however that even if you have corrective surgery, you will still likely need reading glasses. Lasik surgery does not correct presbyopia. It will help with other vision problems, but not any that will take away your need for reading eyeglasses. Although it may seem annoying to grab your readers constantly, it is something that age does to your vision and it cannot be corrected at this time.

As you have read, both prescription reading glasses and over the counter reading glasses are fine. When you acknowledge that you cannot see well when reading close to your face, you will find that reading glasses can help you see much better. If you are concerned about which power to choose, you can always try to take a little eye test that is often near the over the counter reading glasses display. These tests, also called diopter tests, will help you determine what power you need. You can also choose to try several pairs to see which powers work best for you. If all else fails, visit your doctor for a test to determine your appropriate reading eyeglass power. They will be able to help you with prescription and you can even take the information they give you to the over the counter display to make a decision on your own.