Contact Lens Comparison

Toric Contact Lenses

Toric contact lenses are similar to the normal contact lenses in their structure. They are generally soft like the normal lenses as well as they come in the RGP form also. It stands for ‘Rigid Gas Permeable’ lenses that are made up of breathable plastic which fits the corneal shape very aptly. RGPs succeed hard lenses which are now out of fashion. The design of the lens being the only difference.

Toric contact lenses possess two powers, having curvatures at different angular placements-one serving the cause of astigmatism, while the other for myopia.

The toric lenses are very stable and impart the comfort in the eyes since blinking or looking around don’t make these contact lenses rotate in eyes. Again the fitting of a toric contact lenses takes a good deal of expertise and the eye practitioner has to spend a considerable time on fitting it.

At the same time use of toric lenses is an expensive affair as compared to the regular contact lenses. Torics are costlier than the spherical lenses. One can choose the lens with most amiable features for a particular set of eyes. One has an option of choosing toric lenses from the various brands available in the market.

It is seen that there are lenses that can be used for a duration of 30 days, while there are models that need frequent replacement, and disposed after certain period of time. Even there are lenses that can be disposed daily.

Torics also form a part of fashion statement, as they can be used to change eye color or can be used to enhance the natural eye color with beauty. Eye practitioners advocate use of multi focal torics to correct presbyopia. Multi-focal toric contact lenses are usually non disposable. Its important to visit a deft eye practitioner if one is willing to have a toric lens fitted. A good eye practitioner can suggest suitable lens design and can correctly predict eye care needs.