Contact Lens Comparison

Vertex Contacts Offer Unmatched Vision Quality

Contact lenses are all about helping people see without going through the discomfort of wearing chunky spectacle frames. And vertex contact lenses undoubtedly provide the world of eye wear with maximum comfort and vision quality.

Vertex is a great buy for people looking for disposable, soft contact lenses which offer a comprehensive combination of both efficacy as well as convenience. The manufacturer- Cooper Vision- guarantees clients of unparalleled comfort with these vision enhancers.

Why buy Vertex?
Vertex contacts, introduced by Cooper Vision have many advantages. For starters, if you suffer from astigmatism and would like to have clear and sharp vision, with the convenience of disposability, these are the lenses for you.

Copper vision's patented UltraSync technology is a process that produces perfect edges on each contact lens which in turn provide much less rotation and enhanced stability ensuring that both- vision and comfort remain uncompromised. Being disposable, the contact lens comes in 2 pairs in case, you lose or damage one. What's more, they feature a unique design with a bluish tint which makes it both easy to handle and maintain and also help in insertion and removal.

Lenses on offer
Vertex toric lenses are particularly effective for these suffering from astigmatism- a condition where the vision is blurred due to the inability of the eye optics to focus a point object into a sharp focused image over the retina. The disease can be corrected with the proper use of toric lenses which are usually soft and easy to fit into the eye. For those with a higher level of astigmatism, there is the vertex toric XR, guaranteed to provide crystal clear vision with the convenience of easy disposal.

Vertex sphere is another type of lens offered by the company and can be worn for upto two weeks on a daily basis. The sphere contacts come tinted to help the user locate the lenses in the solution. However, the tint does not transform the color of the eyes. Previously known as encore, the lens quality remains consistently high.

Given the many varieties and merits of the vertex contacts, it's hardly a wonder that eye care officials around the world recommend the brand while prescribing lenses. Their eminent popularity has also gained them the status of being the second largest prescription contact lens makers in the United States. The many optical options ensure that you will find a lens which suits your requirements perfectly regardless of age or vision condition.

Therefore, if it's a healthy, comfortable and visually perfect existence you are pining for, look no further, the vertex line of contact lenses is undoubtedly your best bet. After all, a good life begins with a great vision.