Crazy Contact Lenses–Only for Special Occasions!

In order to stand out and look different from others, the Crazy Contact Lenses are used by many people. These lenses essentially special effects contact lenses which are used by the wearer to appear crazy and weird. Traditionally actors acting in horror movies and serials used these lenses to appear scary and frightful to the spectators. Now even average consumers can use these to create a spooky look.

Crazy Contact Lenses are used by average consumers only for style, to appear trendy and get noticed. These may be worn for costume or theme parties or special occasions like Halloween.

Often these lenses are zero-powered and used only for entertainment purposes. No prescription is required to buy crazy contact lens varieties. One can just visit a contact lens store and pick these lenses. However, if a person suffers from eye inflammation or irritation, he/she must consult an eye specialist immediately.

The crazy contact lens is available in all kinds of graphic and colorful designs such as stars, stripes, swirls and crosses etc. The available designs include yellow cat eyes, cross designs, colorful spirals/flags, stripped zebra, sunshine lenses, blood red, devil, white fire, blackout and fire etc.

The various kinds of these contact lenses include Halloween, crazy, special effects, glow in the dark, theatrical and mirrored lenses.

Coming to the varieties of crazy contact lenses, they are available in two varieties. These are the monthly crazy contact lenses which can be worn for a month or thirty wearing times and standard crazy contact lenses that can be worn eighteen times.

While wearing these contact lenses, one must be careful to not applying make-up or use perfumes, sprays or lotions. Only the prescribed solution should be used for cleaning the lenses. Under no circumstances, should they be washed with water or any other fluid. One must wash the hands thoroughly before handling the lenses. A person should not swim or bathe wearing the contact lenses and they should not be shared.

These contact lenses may either be purchased from a contact lens store or online. Often ordering online may enable a customer to get discounts from the seller or the manufacturer and thus entail savings. Ciba Vision and Cooper Vision are some of the companies manufacturing crazy contact lens varieties.

The crazy contacts are as safe and comfortable to wear as any other contact lenses, provided the user closely follows the rules for their proper care and maintenance.