How To Put In Contact Lenses

People often say ‘no’ when they are asked that whether they know how to put contact lenses in their eyes. They usually say that it’s irritating to even think of putting any kind of plastics in the eye. But if the contact lenses are applied in a correct manner then such feeling can be avoided.

I tell you the correct way of how to put contact lenses:
The fingernails should be clean. They should be trimmed properly. The hands of the individual applying should be cleaned with soap. There should be no nicotine traces on the hands while applying the lenses and the contact of perfumes and other accessories of daily use should be avoided.

A. the vial should be opened carefully and the content should be taken in hand. Hand must be in a cupped shape.
B. the saline solution should be poured into your cupped hand so that the excess may flow out of your fingers.
C. keep your contact lens on your index finger facing down on the tip of the finger. Mind that the hand must be the dominant one. Dry your finger before getting into the process.
D. roll the eyes upwards, and then pulling the lower eyelid outward the lens must be pushed gently onto the eye ball’s lower part.
E. gently press the lens so that any air left under the lens may come out. Then the lower part of the eyelid should be released slowly.
F .the eye should be closed and the eyelids should be rubbed slowly. This will bring the lens at the center of the eye.
G. the other eye should be covered and the vision should be checked for its clarity. If the vision is clear then it indicates that the lens is on the center of the eye.
H. now repeat the same process with the other eye.

We suppose that after reading this article you would know that how to put contact lenses.