Tips On How To Choose Your Prescription Sunglasses

Choosing your prescription sunglasses is as important as choosing your contacts. The great thing about prescription sunglasses is that you can wear them on the go outdoors as you can easily just put them on. You do not have to search for clip-on attachment or having to wear contacts and risking something getting into your eyes. These prescription sunglasses can be made to fit to every face in town. They are also very stylish. The possibilities of these prescription sunglasses are endless now and people are trying to get hold of them more than ever.

There has been a huge rise in prescription sunglass in the last few years. There are so many more styles to choose from in the optical market place today. You name it they have it, from basic to high prescription lenses, and progressive and bifocal, even for the presbyopic person, the market place has exploded. You can get a pair made in any regular glasses frame; it is only the lenses that are different. Many people who still love their current frames but who are ready for a change will purchase a new pair of glasses for daily wear and use the old frames for a great pair of prescription sunglasses..

The varieties in lenses you can possibly pick from are outrageous these days. Some of the most popular lenses now are the photo chromic lenses. Just remember most photo chromic lenses don’t come with UV protection you will need to ask for that at the time you purchase your glasses to make sure you are protected. It doesn’t matter what type of eye problems you are correcting, there are so many types of lenses to choose from. There are high index polycarbonate lenses that are really strong, the glass lenses, and the regular and ever popular CR-39 plastic lenses.

There is good news on the market for those people who are presbyopic; the trend in technology has produced several awesome new progressive lens options for those who are ready to be able to have a pair of prescription sunglasses of their own. Now you can even get polarized lenses so the glare off of wet surfaces is amazingly reduced. This is great for just basic use and also for those who love water sports as well.

With prescription sunglasses you won’t find yourself driving along the road with sun glaring in your eyes searching desperately for the clip-ons. You don’t have to worry about being at the beach battling all the sand, water, wind, and sun with contacts in that make your eyes all watery and itchy. Plus getting sand in an eye with a contact in is like torture. So make a good investment in a pair of prescription sunglasses today.