Contact Lens Reviews

1Day Acuvue

As there are many brands of contact lenses available in the market with each having a popular product of its own, it is important to know the review about the most popular product used by the majority of people. One of this kind is 1 Day Acuvue, a product of Johnson and Johnson.

1 Day Acuvue is a well known disposable contact lens which you can throw away after use. These lenses don't allow the deposits to build upon them. The specifications of this lens are:

A) Diameter: 14.2 millimeter
B) Material: Etafilcon A 42 % and water 58 %
C) Packaging: 30 lenses per box

This lens does not change the color of your eyes and is tinted for easy handling. It also contains an inside-out ''123'' indicator to ensure proper insertion. This product is one of the best products manufactured by Johnson and Johnson and is thus enjoying people's liking. You can get these lenses at cheaper rates if you buy them from online retailers who are ready to provide you several types of lenses at a discountable rate. Some of these shops are Vision direct, coastal contacts, AC lens, 1-800 contacts, and many more. Some of the advantages of this lens are:

A) They are very comfortable to wear.
B) Easy to take care of as you don't need to clean them.
C) They are ideal for part time contact lens wearers.

The present users have great opinion about Acuvue as they reduce the risk of infections and complications and thus represent ultimate convenience.