Contact Lens Reviews

2 Acuvue Contact Lens Soft

2 Acuvue contact lens is one of the best soft contact lenses. This lens is manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. 2 Acuvue contact lens soft is used as a two week replacement contact lens. Under the Acuvue brand, contact lenses are developed as either one-week continuous wear or two week daily wear contact lenses.

The one-week continuous wear lens can be used for seven days and six nights, non-stop. That means after putting the lens, you do not have to remove them daily. Acuvue lenses are known for their thin design which permits more than sufficient amount of oxygen to be transmitted to your eyes.

Contact lenses can be used both as prescription contact lenses or just for fun. Lenses such as cosmetic contact lenses, custom contact lens, crazy contact lenses are used for fun purposes. Toric lenses are used to treat astigmatism. Acuvue lenses are very easy to use and comfortable to wear. Acuvue lenses are also used to give protection to the eyes from harmful ultra violet rays thereby minimizing your chances of developing different eye disorders.

The 2 Acuvue contact lens soft is a two week disposable contact lense. You can wear and remove it daily. You have to dispose the lens every two weeks. For proper handling, this lens has a visibility tint. The material used in the lens is etafilcon A with 58 % water content which makes it one of the most comfortable lenses. This lens is good for people who need high level of vision correction such as 20/20 vision.

These ultra-thin lenses can be found in ten great colors. These lenses should be cared for like any other contact lens. A good contact lens cleaner has to be used for contact lens cleaning. Also, a contact lens case is to be used for contact lens storage. You should go through contact lens review before using it.