Contact Lens Reviews

A Brief look at Focus Toric Contact Lenses

Focus toric contact lenses are meant for those who are suffering from astigmatism. It is available in a number of varieties such as disposable, easy replacement, colored  and multifocal. If you suffer from astigmatism, toric contact lenses are the recommended means of correcting your vision. These lenses are made of the same material that is used in regular contact lenses. They are soft and allow oxygen to reach the eyes.

Toric contact lenses are available in two powers. These powers are created with curvatures at two different angles.  One angle is meant for astigmatism and the other is for myopia or hypermetropia. It is recommended that you consult a doctor in case you suffer from any of the above conditions.

The process is lengthy and doctors do take time to prescribe toric lenses for your eyes. A very high degree of expertise is required on the part of the eye care practitioner in prescribing such lenses. Since the prescription takes time the cost of this lens is higher than spherical  contact lenses. 

The kind of toric lens depends on the severity of your Astigmatism. If you have mild astigmatism a regular RGP  contact lens will solve the purpose. Mild Astigmatism ranges from zero to one diopter. The rigidity of the RGP  lens allows for vision correction in cases of mild astigmatism.

There are  lenses available that is useful in the correction of the spherical aberration of your eyes. In that case you no longer need to use toric lenses. In case  such lenses do not work you have no choice except to fall back upon toric contact lenses. Some people prefer to use hard lenses as they provide crisper vision than soft lenses.

Soft toric lenses are also extended wear lenses. You can wear them overnight every now and then although it is usually not recommended to do so very often. Some soft toric lenses are made so as to change your natural eye color. But those who have astigmatism are least bothered about their look because they will give priority to their vision correction.