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All About Bifocal Contact Lens

Bifocal contact lens simply means two different focal points or two different optical powers. A bifocal contact lens contains two different optical powers. Individuals with vision disorder called presbyopia, use these type of focal lenses. They are also used by people requiring a distance correction for myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism. Generally, when an individual views something at close range, he usually looks down and when he views the same thing from a distance, he looks up. James Franklin is the pioneer in the field of bifocal contact lens.

The earlier 'Franklin' bifocals were designed with the lenses for close viewing in the lower half of the frame and the distance viewing lenses on the upper frame. The lenses were simply cut in half and combined together in the rim of the frame. Later bifocals were made by cementing of a bifocal segment onto a larger lens. Recent trend of bifocals is to mold a small reading segment into the lens. The latest craze is of bifocal contact lenses.

You can chose from a variety of bifocal lenses with reading segments which come in a variety of shapes and widths. The current most popular is the flat-top or D-shaped segment which is 28 mm wide. Bifocal lenses can be termed as the palceabo for patients suffering from presbyopia. Presbyopia is a vision disorder in which one loses the ability to read the print that is too close like a book or a menu. People with this condition hold the reading materials at arms length to focus on them. This condition usually occurs around the age of 40. Presbyopia can be corrected by bifocal lens as it has two powers in one lens.

Different types of designs are used to create bifocal contact lenses. For example, an aspheric design changes the power from the center to the edge of the lens allowing intermediate distance correction. A translating design includes near vision correction on the bottom and far vision correction at the top. The bottom edge of these lens is flat to keep the lens from rotating while blinking. Finally, a concentric design uses the center of the lens for one power and the outside of the lens for the other.

Bifocal users however, are facing a new type of problem with the advent of computers. Though all printed reading materials are easily viewed with bifocals, computer monitors are generally placed directly in front of users, but still close enough to require corrective lenses, requiring bifocal wearers to tilt their heads up to view the screen. You can purchase bifocal contact lenses with rebate when you buy discount contact lenses online. You can chose from a variety of brands such as Bausch & Lomb PureVision Multi focal, Acuvue Bifocal and Bausch & Lomb SofLens Multi-Focal. You can also buy Focus Daily Progressives, Simulvue 38, Essentials Multi focal, Frequency 55 Multi focal and alike from a reputed online retailer. You can also buy bifocal disposable contact lens. All the contact lens come with contact lens case ad contact lens cleaner to help you use and maintain your contacts.