Contact Lens Reviews

Best Contact Lenses - Study Reviews, then go for buying!

There are a large variety of contact lenses available in the market. Here we will discuss about the best contact lenses with a review of the leading contact lenses of the year. This review will help you compare the different contact lenses along with their prices and quality specifications including disposable, daily wear and colored contact lenses.

Focus Dailies: these contact lenses are very small, thin and light as well as comfortable to wear. Also, the edge cannot be felt as they are cut by the laser cutting process.

The advantages of focus dailies include:
Daily disposable usage and is quite hassle free.
Very light and comfortable for the eyes and
has smooth and rounded edges.

The disadvantages include:
The lenses are costlier than their monthly or fortnightly counterparts.
You tend to feel stretched on the eye after long hours of wear.
The tightness can make it difficult to remove.
You cannot sleep with the on.

CIBA vision optix: the lenses offer high breath ability at lower costs. They can also be worn for up to 10 hours a day without any irritation.

The advantages:
These are highly breathable and also comfortable and durable.

The disadvantages: They can be expensive and are not to be slept on.

Fresh look color blends: These are the cheapest available color blends on the net. A lot of variety is available when it comes to color. These crazy color contact lenses are also available with Halloween effects.

1day acuvue: They offer the most convenient and healthy way to wear contacts and do not require any lens case, solution or maintenance. You can just use and throw these lenses. A new contact lens every day makes our eyes feel fresh everyday. The product provides 100% satisfaction to people who replace their lenses every day.

Some of the merits of the acuvue lens: Provides freedom for active or sports oriented lifestyles.
No maintenance, solutions or lens cases required.
Protects from UV radiations
Suits allergic people
Good for frequent users

These reviews should provide more help in finding the perfect contact lens. Although, the acuvue really stands out when it comes to overall functionality and appeal, the choice, however, is yours.