Contact Lens Reviews


Ocular sciences is one name which you cannot forget when talking about contact lenses. This company manufactures a variety of contact lenses by using latest technology materials and designs for enhancing the user's wearing experience. One of the most popular product of this brand is the Biomedics 55 or ultraflex 55. This lens provides superb vision, comfort and handling. Its a great choice for the first time contact lens wearers. These lenses are also packaged as clinasoft, mediflex, versaflex, and ultraflex.

Some of the specifications of biomedics 55 are:

A) Diameter: 14.2 millimeter
B) Material: Ocufilcon D 45 % and water 55 %
C) Packaging: 6 lenses per box

These are generally 1 to 2 week disposable lens. These are tinted for easy handling while not changing the color of your eyes. This lens enjoys a long history of comfort and user satisfaction. Many people have turned to these lenses as they are better than the daily disposable ones as people generally are very busy and don't have time to change their lenses daily. Although these lenses require cleaning but with latest and easy techniques of cleaning, the process is not that difficult. So, these are the reasons behind the popularity of these lenses among the consumers. Other reasons include crisp clear vision, excellent comfort, and easy handling.

These lenses are often recommended by most of the eye care practitioners and can be bought at discounted rates, online. Also the rates can be even more discounted if ordered in plenty or in large number. Mainly it has been seen that weekly disposable lenses are being preferred more by the people than the other lenses as monthly disposables involve whole month of wearing thus sometimes causing irritation.