Contact Lens Reviews

Change Your Life With Johnson And Johnson Contact Lenses

I had hear all types of good things about contacts, but since I got mine, I have been disappointed to say the least. I bought a set of Johnson and Johnson contact lenses off of the internet on the advice of a friend. They Both of us have pretty bad eyesight, and have been wearing glasses for years.

She told me that, since she first got her Johnson and Johnson contact lenses, her life has been much easier. Her glasses were always, of necessity, big, clunky and expensive. She would have to get the special thin glasses simply because of the fact that her vision was so bad. She hated lugging them around, and so she was overjoyed to be able to get Johnson and Johnson contact lenses to use instead of the frames. She told me about all kinds of advantages that contact lenses supposedly have over glasses.

One of them is a better field of vision. Not only can you see clearly out of the front of your eyes, but with Johnson and Johnson contact lenses you can see clearly out of the corners of your eyes as well. This means that you do not have to turn your head to see things as much.

Added to this is the fact that you do not always have a separate realm of vision at the periphery of your site, where everything is a slightly different size and in a slightly different orientation as you move your head around. It is all smooth sailing, as they say, with contact lenses. And on top of that, you do not have this cumbersome piece of metal that you always have to balance on top of your nose. The way that she put it, how could I say no?

Well, needless to say, I did go out and buy myself a set of Johnson and Johnson contact lenses almost immediately, and almost immediately I realized that I had made quite a big mistake. They were awful. Not only did they take much to long to get there – 2 weeks, as I remember – but once they did get to my house, they were quite a disaster. I had never heard that some people just can not wear contact lenses, but apparently this is true. I know, because I am one of them. When I even put the Johnson and Johnson contact lenses on my eyes, they start to get irritated and red within an hour!