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CIBA Vision Durasoft 2 Lite Tint

Durasoft 2 Lite Tint are conventional contact lenses that come with a colored tint that makes them easy to use. They are a must try option amongst all the available contact lenses.

About the manufacturer
Durasoft 2 Lite Tint comes from the house of CIBA Vision. CIBA Vision is a respected name in the world of contact lenses. The company has several quality contact lenses to its credit. Going by the manufacturer's reputation, you can expect the Durasoft 2 Lite Tint to be a quality product.

Materials used
This contact lens makes use of Phemfilcon A. It has a nominal 38 % water content. So, if you are looking for contact lenses with a high water content then CIBA Vision Durasoft 2 Lite Tint Contact lenses are not a good choice.

Here are some of the features of these contact lenses that you must know about before you make your purchase.

* Durasoft 2 Lite Tint lenses are regular daily wear contact lenses. These lenses can be used by anyone who has slight vision problem.
* The most notable feature of these contact lenses is that they come with a faint tint. This tint makes it easy to wear and remove these lens. Even when the lenses are not worn, they can be easily spotted because of their faint tint. This tinted nature of Durasoft 2 Lite tint Lenses makes these contact lenses apt for first time users.
* Though the CIBA Vision Durasoft 2 Lite Tint contact lenses come with a faint color tint, they do not change the color of the eye. The tint only facilitates locating the lens.
* There is 1 Durasoft 2 Lite Tint Contact Lens per vial.
* Being a quality product, the CIBA Vision Durasoft 2 Lite Tint Contact lenses are a highly durable lens. If used in the right manner, these lenses can easily last for a year.
* Since this contact lens is available in a high range of powers, people with high prescription can also use these contact lenses. These contact lenses offer you the 'made to order' service so that you can have a contact lens that is tailor made to suit your prescription.

The standard retail price of Durasoft 2 Lite Tint Contact Lenses from CIBA Vision is $48.00. However, if you buy these contact lenses from online vendors then you can make huge savings. There are some contact lens suppliers that can sell you these lenses for as cheap as $26.06.

Should I buy them?
Durasoft 2 Lite Tint contact lenses have all the features that you would look for in a regular contact lens. They are a high quality product, durable, easy to use and pocket friendly too. So, you surely have all the reasons to buy these contact lenses.