Contact Lens Reviews

CooperVision Frequency 55 Toric Contact Lens

CooperVision Frequency 55 toric contact lens is also known as Cooper toric 55. The CooperVision Frequency 55 toric contact lens is a great way to treat astigmatism (the disease of irregular surface of the cornea). This lens is known for its superior comfort and excellent vision quality. With a water content of 55 % in the lens, which is obvious. But, the use of the material Methafilcon B has made all the difference to its comfort. This flexible wear is recommended as a monthly replacement schedule.

Contact lens provides the convenience of not wearing glasses. It is also very useful for people leading a very active lifestyle. The uses of non-prescription contact lenses have fuelled in the popularity of contact lenses as different varieties of contact lenses are available in the market without a prescription.

 Types of contact lenses such as colored contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses, custom contact lens, black contact lens, crazy contact lenses and alike have popularized the contact lens. As prescription contact lenses, lenses are also used as bifocal contact lenses and cataract lenses.

CooperVision Frequency 55 toric contact lens is designed uniquely so that one can take care of the lens easily. This lens is a great lens for patients suffering from astigmatism with exceptional clarity and comfort. It does not alter the color of your eyes and is generally found tinted for the convenience of easy handling. In fact, this lens is synonymous with comfort, convenience, safety and health of the eyes.