Contact Lens Reviews

Don’t get carried away by Free Samples of Contact Lenses!

In order to boost their business prospects, many contact lens manufacturers provide free samples of contacts lenses to customers. Free samples of contact lenses are a great way for the contact lens producers to get consumers to try their brand of lenses.

Free samples of contact lenses are used merely as a sales promotion strategy. Even after claiming them free by the manufacturers, contact lenses are often not freely provided generally. Only in some rare conditions they are given away freely.

To get a free pair of contact lenses, a person needs to furnish certain information to the company’s official website in order to obtain free samples. Usually free samples of colored contact lenses are given even without a doctor’s prescription.

Free samples of contact lenses cannot be given away in case of non-disposable lenses and gas permeable contacts. Free Samples of non-disposable lenses are not available with optometrists or contact lens showrooms. These are made to order as per the eye power of the person. Gas permeable contact lenses are also made as per specs for individual persons and thus no free samples are available on hand.

Most of manufacturers only provide free trial samples and not free contact lenses. Since even every other eye specialist also offers the trial free of cost and the person can wear the trial contact lenses and observe his/her comfort level for some time before actually taking a decision to buy those lenses, these manufacturers claiming free contact lenses are no different.

Before being swayed by such promotional tactics, a person must visit an eye care specialist. He/She should ensure that the lens fits the eye properly and completely. A properly fitted contact lens must center correctly, move slightly when the eye is blinked and most importantly correct the vision. If a lens does not fulfill these criteria, even its free samples are no good.

A prospective buyer before taking free samples should go through some contact lens reviews to choose the best brand or company. Seeking advice from existing contact lens users may also be helpful in providing first-hand information about the suitability and the comfort level of the lenses. Some leading manufacturers offering free samples are Fresh Look and Acuvue.

Free samples of contact lenses are only meant to develop brand loyalty and expand the company’s market share. Though the advertisements of free samples may sway first time users, they are often not likely to influence regular wearers as they are well aware of the true picture.