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Dry Eyes Are Not Good With Contact Lenses

Contact lenses dry eyes refer to the condition where wearing contact lenses causes dry eye condition. Dry eyes condition is not good for your eyes. If you have dry eyes condition it may cause scar in your cornea and damage the eye tissues. The most known causes of dry eyes are aging process, medication, environmental conditions or antihistamines.

In the dry eyes condition, you fail to produce enough tears which is basically an oily layer necessary for the eyes which nourishes the eyes and maintains a stable tear film. Apart from other known causes, contact lenses are also supposed to cause dry eye syndrome.

lens is made of water and polymers and when you wear contact lenses, with the passage of time the water in the contact lenses evaporates gradually. On the other hand, it starts absorbing the water secreted by your eyes. Thus, your eyes remain dry. When this condition persists, you may develop dry eyes condition. In a healthy eye, tear is always produced but if it is absorbed by the lens and this water also evaporates, the contact lens becomes just like sand which is very bad for the eyes.

In view of this, the contact lens manufactures are endeavoring to make contact lenses conducive to the dry eyes condition. They are using new polymer to manufacture contact lenses so that it may retain water for the longest possible time. Lens thus stays wet for longer time. Acuvue is one such brand which has offered contact lenses most suitable for the dry eye condition. Its reviews are also good. The Johnson and Johnson are using a rewetting substance in manufacturing the contact lenses.

For those who are suffering from dry eye condition, doctors prescribe the Rigid Gas permeable contact lenses for them. But rigid permeable gas contact lens is not very safe and may irritate your eyes. Therefore, it is always advisable to contact a doctor before using contact lenses if you have dry eye condition.