Contact Lens Reviews

Focus Night And Day

Cibavision is one of the top contact lens brands that is trusted for it's quality. A large majority of people are using these lenses. Out of the many popular lenses, cibavision's focus night and day is the best among all and therefore enjoys the majority of the users. Focus day and night is an extended usage lens which can be worn for 30 days continuously. Some of the specifications of this lens are:

A) Diameter: 13.8 millimeters
B) Material: Lotrafilcon A 76 % and water 24 %
C) Packaging: 6 lenses per box.

Focus day and night is one of the best products of cibavision as it allows for six times more oxygen transmission than other disposable contact lenses. This lens is made with silicone hydrogel.

This lens can also be bought from online shops for cheap prices. Users find them really comfortable to use and have even noticed that whites of their eyes were much whiter which is not their in the case of one-day lenses. The reason behind the absence of the pinkness, is the increased amount of oxygen reaching your eyes.

All in all they are a perfect choice for anybody and everybody. Also, being a product of Cibavision is a recommendation enough. Cibavision is one of the respectable manufacturers of contact lenses of all types like daily disposable, cosmetic, bifocal, and alike.