Contact Lens Reviews

What All Do Frequency Contacts Offer?

Frequency Contact lenses are a part of Cooper Vision- the 2nd largest prescription contact lens manufacturer in the world. They offer the wearer- excellence in vision quality and extreme ease in terms of wearing ability.

The Frequency range of contact lens has an extensive variety of products including the Frequency Xcel toric, Frequency 55, Frequency55 aspheric and frequency xcel toric XR. Each of these products have been especially developed to target individual eye gear requirements.

The Frequency Xcel Toric contact lens for example comes in a unique shape to help correctly position the lens over the eyes and prevents it from rotating and leading to blurred vision. Alternatively, it also allows for free movement of the lens for maximum comfort of the wearer. Clinical studies have proved that patients enjoy greater day comfort with this type of lens as compared to other soft contact lens. The lens lasts upto 30 days and can be changed at the beginning of each month.

The frequency 55 lens offers comfort, handling, eye health and a very convenient replacement schedule. These lenses come with the patented ultra sync manufacturing and along with its superior design work to produce absolute ease of handling and excellence in performance while maintaining good health for the eyes.

The Frequency 55 aspheric lens is the perfect eye wear for less than perfect lighting situations and activities which demand precise vision. This particular contact lens is particularly well suited for low light surroundings and low contrast materials and offers comprehensive vision to see the minutest of details. These easy to handle lenses are also ideal for those newly diagnosed with presbyopia or low levels of astigmatism.

The Frequency Xcel Toric XR is the perfect lens for those with high levels of astigmatism. These lenses can be replaced at one month intervals as opposed to conventional toric lenses which can only be replaced once a year. The superior comfort and incredible vision quality contributes to the effectiveness of the lens and the one month replacement schedule also makes it easier for people to remember to replace them and in turn, enjoy high-quality ocular health.

There are several other varieties of the Frequency product line as well including the frequency 55 multifocal which works as a convenient alternative to glasses with bifocal properties; Frequency 38 sphere which has a lower water content and assures great performance with durability and a resistance to dehydration conditions.

Each of these lenses have been created by Cooper Vision to ensure superior quality which serve as excellent means to correct a variety of needs related to vision. Thus, the Frequency line has been specifically developed to combat eye issues and allow the wearer great vision with total comfort.