Contact Lens Reviews

Fresh Look Dimensions

Lets talk about color, meaning color lenses as they really have created a revolution in the world of contact lenses. Whether you have an eye disorder or have a perfect eyesight, you can apply color lenses for both the purposes i.e for correcting vision and changing the color of your eye for making a style statement of your own. A very popular color contact lens from Cibavision is Fresh look dimensions. It is available in various colors like aqua, sea green and pacific blue. Some of the specifications of this product are:

A) Diameter: 14.5 mm with a base curve of 8.6 mm
B) Material: Phemfilcon A 45 % and water 55 %
C) Packaging: 6 lenses per box

These lenses are preferred by people as they provide a natural look to your eyes. They are designed for lighter-eyed patients. These lenses are also 1-2 week disposable thus frequent replacement ensures superior comfort and convenience.

 These lenses outperform the other colored lenses as they combine a dark outer starburst pattern which makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Fresh look dimensions also uses translucent colors thus adding depth and dimension to your eyes. Majority of people are using these lenses as they are safe for eyes and add a natural look to your eyes.

It is really easy to buy these kind of color contact lenses online as they do not require any prescription of your eye care practitioner and you can get them at cheap prices. Many online retailers have different pricing mechanism for them. But, there have also been complaints stating a subtle rather dramatic effect on some people in term of color change.