Contact Lens Reviews

Get Scary With Vampire Contact Lenses

Vampire contact lenses are special effects cosmetic contact lenses. You can wear these contact lenses for putting those extra zing to your Halloween preparation. These lenses are a sure way to draw attention. These lenses can be used by anybody with or without vision correction. These vampire contact lenses are different then the colored contact lenses that you get on the market. They are printed, not tinted. In fact, they are custom contact lens.

Regardless of your natural eye color, these lenses will show bright and vibrant color. If you have never worn contacts before, you should consult your eye care professional when ordering vampire cosmetic contact lense. However, if you have astigmatism or have special vision needs such as cataract lenses, these vampire contact lenses are not going to help you. You can also use these lenses for theatrical purposes.

These soflens or soft vampire contact lenses are a sure shot way to stand out of the crowd. As all these are contact lens as well, you have to take some precautions while using them. Good hygiene is essential for contact lens wearers. If you follow the proper guidelines for contact lens care, you will prevent infection and damage to the eye.

You should wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes, especially before inserting or removing your lenses. For contact lens cleaning, you should use a good contact lens cleaner and store the lens in a contact lens case.

Do not sleep or swim while wearing your lenses. This greatly increases your chances of infection. Do not share your lenses with anyone. Start with the same eye, for insertion and removal of the lenses. This prevents the spread of infection from one eye to the other.

After removing the lens, place it on the palm of your hand. Rinse the lens with sterile solution appropriate for your lenses. Gently remove the lenses with your finger. This removes microbes and particulate matter from the lens. Theatrical vampire lenses are made for occasional use. If taken proper care of, these lenses will last for a year. If you follow the above guidelines, you can greatly minimize your contact lens problems.