Contact Lens Reviews

Johnson And Johnson Contact Lenses: One Of The Best

My sister started wearing contact lenses a few years before me. I remember her only being able to keep them in for part of the day and the elaborate cleaning process that she had to go through. My first pair of Johnson and Johnson contact lenses was the kind that you had to clean with one solution and then put them in another solution in a machine that removed the enzymes through a heating process. I remember the doctor telling me that if I was staying overnight someplace and forgot my machine I could place the lenses in their case in boiling water.

My have times changed. I have had many different kinds of contacts but they have all been manufactured by Johnson and Johnson contact lenses. I now wear the kind of lenses that you wear for a month and throw away. The cost is something that has also changed. My first pair of Johnson and Johnson contact lenses was very expensive. I know I was in a panic that I would lose one. Now the disposable lenses are very reasonable and you can have them mailed to your house for convenience or get them through one of the chain discount stores.

I have not gotten to the point of needing bifocals yet, but my doctor has assured me that when the time comes I will not have to wear reading glasses and contacts because Johnson and Johnson contact lenses make a bifocal lens. There are a variety to choose from the most popular brands being Survue and Acuvue, both are manufactured by Johnson and Johnson contact lenses. I really like this idea because I know how annoying it is for my co-workers to be constantly keeping tract of their reading glasses.

Plus I have tried on some of the reading glasses and feel like an 80 year old librarian in them. I cannot believe the number of people that walk around with reading glasses on a chain around their necks. I feel fortunate that my doctor feels that Johnson and Johnson contact lenses are going to keep me from having to be “chained” to reading glasses.