Contact Lens Reviews

Know The Reasons Behind Use Of Contact Lenses

There are mainly two common reasons to use contact lenses. The first one is poor eyesight while the second one is to upkeep oneself with what is 'in'. Whether it be correction of vision or the urge to move along with the fashion, contact lenses are an integral part of lives of many.

Use of Contact lenses for vision correction
Spectacles are used to correct the vision disorders. similarly contact lenses also perform the same function. Some of the conditions corrected by contact lenses are:

* Nearsightedness
* Farsightedness
* Astigmatism
* Presbyopia and many other vision disorders

The popularity of contact lenses has been rising due to the fact that they provide an easy way to correct your vision without altering your outer appearance as in the case of spectacles which often slip off your nose during rough and tough activities.

A variety of contact lenses are available in the market like hard, soft, cosmetic, bifocal, vial and many more. Many of these are especially effective in particular vision disorders. It is your doctor who will prescribe the appropriate lenses for your particular vision problem.

Also, you have many brands available to choose from. With each passing day, most of the popular brands like Acuvue, Cooper vision, Johnson and Johnson, Bausch and Lomb etc are developing new products to make vision correction easier and more accurate.

Use of Contact lenses to mark a style statement
Colored contact lenses have nothing to do with vision correction but they are solely used with the purpose to look better and more beautiful. To change the color of your eyes has become very simple with he coming of colored contacts lenses. And, this is the precise second use that they are put to.

There are many color options available in most of the popular contact lens brands. These contacts are available over the counter and you need not have a prescription to buy them at all times.

Some tinted contacts are also used to change the color of your eye to various degrees. The use of colored lenses is common amongst the youngsters who like to stay abreast with the latest trends. However, apart from many advantages that the colored lenses provide, they also have some disadvantages. The colored lenses come in different sizes therefore sometimes it is possible that the colored portion may slide over the pupil thus affecting your vision slightly.

But, with coming of modern day contacts that are much more developed, his problem is no more a major issue.

Whatever purpose contacts may be used for, it is a fact that they have changed the way people think about vision correction and beauty, in a big way!