Contact Lens Reviews

Nike Contact Lenses

The advent of colored contact lenses has brought a sort of revolution in the field of contact lenses. You can make a fashion statement of your own with them. With contacts, you can be the owner of a pair of captivating eyes.

In the field of colored contact lense, you will find a number of options- both for vision correction and fun. For fun purposes, you can use cosmetic contact lenses, custom contact lens, black contact lens, crazy contact lenses and alike. For vision correction, you can use cataract lenses, bifocal contact lenses, toric lenses and alike. People with astigmatism can also use color contact lens.

In the field of colored contact lens, a new addition is the Nike contact lenses with light filtering tints. This lens is basically meant for the sports purposes. Light filtering tints mean that you will be able to concentrate on certain colors while mutating others. Nike is a brand name in the sports apparel market. Nike contact lenses help a sports person improve performance. For different versions of Nike Maxsight lenses, Nike has teamed up with Bausch and Lomb to produce them. The end result is the new green/grey and amber tint of the Nike contact lenses.

If you are planning to buy such a Nike Maxsight contact lens, first of all you will have to pay a visit to the local eye care provider as these are fitted only by a licensed eye care professional. Nike contact lenses are known for their UV protection capabilities and perfect vision. The best thing about these lenses is that they are not costly. These lenses are recommended for monthly use. Nike contact lenses are simply irresistible. They are safe to wear and are good for fun.