Contact Lens Reviews

Ocular Sciences Inc Biomedics One Day 30 Pack Contact Lens

If you are looking for daily disposable lenses, then the Biomedics One Day 30 Contact Lenses pack can be a good option. Comprising of 30 units of daily disposable lenses, these lenses prove are an absolute delight.

Daily disposable lenses
The Biomedics one day 30 pack contact lenses is a pack of 30 daily disposable lenses. Just wear one lens per day from this pack and dispose it at the end of the day. This means no storage problems and no messy solutions to take care of. Just wear and throw everyday. This 30 day pack contains number of sets of such daily wear lenses so it will last for a month.

No prescription lenses
You do not need a prescription to use the Biomedics One Day 30 pack. Anyone who has a slight vision problem can use these lenses.

Usage instructions
Since Biomedics One Day 30 lens pack comprises of daily disposable lenses, you should not wear the lens for more than a day. Also, ensure that you remove these lenses before going off to sleep. These lenses are not meant for more than 24 hours of usage.

Material used
This contact lens makes use of 45 % of Ocufilcon D and 55 % water.

Pros and cons

Before you buy the Biomedics one Day 30 lens pack, you must take both- their advantages as well as disadvantages into account.

These contact lenses entitle you to the following advantages:

* Being daily disposable contact lenses, they save you from the hassle of contact lens storage.
* They are easy to use.
* Biomedics one day 30 pack contact lenses are one of the most budget friendly contact lenses available in the market.

However, these lenses have their own share of disadvantages as well:

* Ocular Inc, the makers of Biomedics One Day 30 pack lenses market the same lens under different brand names. You can find the same lens with slight variations under various names such as Versaflex, Ultraflex, Sofmed, Polysoft, Perspecta etc. This creates a lot of confusion for the customer when buying the lens. So, you must double check before you purchase these lenses.
* Biomedics One Day 30 pack lenses contain only 55 % water. This means that these contact lenses are not very suitable for people who have dry eyes.

TIP: If you are really satisfied with these lenses then you could buy the Biomedics One Day 90 pack contact lenses. These lenses are just the same. The only difference is that they come in a pack of 90 units. Considering that they offer a larger quantity, they are more convenient as they save you from the hassles of buying the product repeatedly.