Contact Lens Reviews

Proclear Toric Contact Lens

Proclear Toric contact  lenses are manufactured by Cooper Vision. They not only  correct your vision but are very comfortable to wear. If you suffer from astigmatism then Proclear Toric lenses are very suitable for you. You will feel the difference once you wear them over an extended period of time.

Proclear Toric lenses are manufactured using patented PC technology. The lenses contain  phosphorylcholine which is a naturally occurring substance in the human cell membrane. This substance lets the user wear the lens for up to 12 hours without any significant discomfort.

If you have astigmatism, then don’t think twice as this lens gives you sharp and clear vision and is especially meant for astigmatism patients. In addition it is available in a variety of prescriptions so that people of different visions may adjust with it. Proclear is also a replacement lens. You can replace it as and when you feel like.

Another plus about this particular range of lens is that it is FDA approved. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the authenticity and reliability of this lens. It does not take time to have a pair customized as per your requirements and you can get a pair within 7 or 8 days from the date you order for it.

If you have dry eye conditions then Proclear Toric will give you relief. The unique qualities of the lens make them safe for your eyes. But if you want to order for a Proclear lens you need to have a valid prescription with sufficient details about your vision.  Incomplete description of your eyes or invalid prescriptions may create a problem in procuring this kind of lens.

If you want a rebate, go through the advertisements given by different manufacturers. They provide some guidelines. If you strictly follow these guidelines you may be successful in getting a Proclear lens at reduced prices. Be careful as there are unscrupulous retailers may try to pass off defective lenses which are otherwise attractively priced.