Contact Lens Reviews

Soflens 66 Toric

Many contact lenses are designed to fulfill a particular task like correcting vision disorder, changing color of your eye, for fun, and alike. But, out of many, only a few are very popular due to their advantages. Similarly a product of Bausch and Lomb called Soflens 66 toric is a famous 1-2 week disposable lens used by large number of people. This lens is popular as it provides excellent visual acuity with superb convenience and comfort of a 2 week replacement soft contact lens. These lenses are generally preferred by patients over the leading planned replacement toric lens for vision and comfort.

Some of the specifications of soflens 66 toric are:

A) Diameter: 14.5 millimeter with a base curve of 8.5 millimeter
B) Material: Alphailcon A 34 % and water 66 %
C) Packaging: 6 lenses per box

This lens is a 2 week replacement to treat people with astigmatism. It is easy to wear due to its unique design and provides clear vision and exceptional comfort day after day. This lens provides easy handling and durability. Many famous online stores like coastal contacts, 1800 contacts and many more provide these lenses at discounted rates thus making your purchase cheap and best. The advantage of frequent replacement means cleaner lenses and more comfort. They are a good option for treating your astigmatism.

These would not change the color of your eyes as they are tinted for easy handling. The tint is designed to facilitate locating the contacts lenses in solution. Its unique material and innovative design provides sharper vision and comfort while using. It is one of the best toric lenses manufactured by Bausch and Lomb and is gaining popularity among many existing and new users.