Contact Lens Reviews

Softlens 66 Toric Contact Lenses

Soflens 66 Toric contact lenses are known for their sharp innovative design. These lenses can be worn for the whole day long with great comfort. This lens has a slight tint in it which makes it very easy to handle. For people who are looking to cure astigmatism and at the same time do not want to change the color of their eyes, softlens 66 toric contact lenses are always there for them. Also, the tint in the lens makes it possible for you to look for the lens in the contact lens cleaning solution very easily.

Softlens 66 toric contact lenses are designed as a two week replacement lens. This lens is very comfortable to adapt and very easy to wear as well. The comfort provided by the lens is very consistent. The material used in Softlens 66 toric contact lenses are 34 % polymer and 66 % water. This makes it one of the mostcomfortable contact lenses to wear. These Softlens 66 toric lenses are manufactured by Bausch & Lomb.

This contact lens can be fitted properly with great vision. However, you have to take good care of this lens. Contact lens cleaning requires you to properly cleanse, rinse and disinfect the lens after use. It is always better if you clean the protein build up under the lens regularly. You should use a proper contact lens cleaner to clean and also a contact lens case to store this type of prescription contact lens.

Contact lens problems should be properly handled. It is also required that you take good measures to counter contact lenses dry eyes. Most of the contact lens reviews have recommended this lens.