Contact Lens Reviews

Top 5 Color Disposable Contact Lenses

Those who wish to not just enjoy great vision, unmatched convenience with contact lenses but enhance their looks too, disposable color contacts are a great choice. Here are the five most popular picks in disposable color contact lenses.

FreshLook ColorBlends Contact Lenses
These disposable contact lenses are an offering of Ciba Vision. Unlike other color contact lenses, they do not bring drastic color change in the eye. Instead, they bring in realistic color change which makes it easy for the user to adapt to them. And what's more? These contact lenses are unbelievably comfortable too. They offer you nine great color options namely pure hazel, gray, brown, honey, blue, amethyst, green, turquoise and true sapphire.

Expressions Accents Contact Lenses
For those who are looking for excellent vision along with superior comfort, the Expressions Accents Contact Lenses are the way to go. These contact lenses from Cooper Vision not just offer you excellent comfort but also a natural looking eye color. They are manufactured using a unique technology that brings in subtle as well as realistic changes in your eye color.

Acuvue 2 colors

The Acuvue color contact lenses series from Johnson and Johnson are one of the most popular options in disposable contact lenses. Acuvue 2 colors is yet another offering in the same range. While this contact lens produces a subtle color change in the eye, it also brings in a vibrant color tone. So, your eyes look not just natural but more attractive too. Besides, you can be completely assured of enjoying a crisp and clear vision. These are high quality lenses and can be used for extended wear.

Freshlook Radiance Contact Lenses

Freshlook Radiance Contact Lenses are one of the several disposable color contact lenses offered by Wessley  Jessen. For those looking for an affordable option in disposable color contact lenses, Freshlook Radiance Contact Lenses are a great choice. They offer superior comfort and convenience, which makes them apt for everyone. These contact lenses are available in some striking color options. Some of the color choices in these contact lenses include moonlight, sunrise, autumn and eden.

Focus 1-2 Week SoftColors Contact Lenses
These color disposable contact lenses are an offering of Ciba Vision. Great color coupled with superior comfort makes these contact lenses a popular pick in disposable color contacts. Apart from offering incredible comfort, these contact lenses offer you excellent vision too. Focus 1-2 Week SoftColors Contact Lenses are manufactured using an advanced tinting process which helps bring about realistic color changes in the eye. These contact lenses are available in quite a number of color options.

Opt for any of these and you are sure to change the way you look and enjoy superior vision too.