Contact Lens Reviews

Your Guide To Disinfecting Solutions

Wearing a contact lens means having a foreign body lodged very close to the living tissues of your eyes, which means any infectious build up has the potential to casue damage to your vision. That's why effective cleaning of the contacts is so very important. There are various disintecting solutions available in the market. Some of them are being discussed hereunder.

Saline solution: It is used to keep contact lenses dipped in and is also used with enzymatic cleaning tablets. However, it is not advisable to use it for disinfecting or cleaning, as it is not really meant for it.

Multipurpose solution: As the name suggests, it can be used for several purposes including rinsing, disinfecting and storing the contacts.

Hydrogen peroxide solution: The peroxide solution, much like a multipurpose solution, is used for cleaning, rinsing disinfecting and storing the lenses. Some of the lens holders using the hydrogen peroxide system come with built-in neutralizers so that the peroxide doesn't cause discomfort to your eyes. In the others that do not provide such a neutralizer, one needs to use a neutralizing tablet to avoid the stinging sensation that hydrogen peroxide may cause in the eyes.

Enzymatic cleaner: Protein deposits are capable of causing quite a few complications and are best removed at close intervals. A weekly removal of protein is quite advisable. Enymatic cleaner is widely used to do away with proteint deposits, but before you use it, have another cleaning agent to rinse your lens with.

The process of using the enzymatic cleaner is quite simple. All you have to do is fill your the vials or the lens case with the solution and drop a tablet of the enzymatic cleaner. Allow it to dissolve before you release your contacts into the solution so prepared. Leave them for a while, as directed and take them out after that. You may also use another product to disinfect it further if you feel the need. With some of the enz