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Bifocal and Toric Contact Lenses Offer More Options

People who have major vision conditions like presbyopia and astigmatism need the toric and bifocal contact lenses. The latest advancements in  contact lens technology have led to the innovations of  bifocal and toric contact lenses. The designs of both these lenses are available in RGP as well as soft lens styles.

The bifocal and toric contact lenses offer a wide variety of wear schedules and options. More people prefer soft over RGP style when they consider going in for toric or bifocal contact lenses.  The advantage of RGP lenses is that they successfully retain their shape on the cornea. In spite of that people still prefer soft contact lenses as they are available in more colors and it takes lesser time for the user to adjust to them.

The RGP bifocal and toric contact lenses provide a crisp vision to people that suffer from astigmatism. The fact of the matter is that majority of the people prefer soft vision bifocal and toric contact lenses. The prime reason is that these soft contact lenses come in a wide variety of choices. These contact lenses take less time to adjust on the eye.

As the eye lens ages, a condition called presbyopia can set in. This is because the lens loses elasticity with the passage of time and it becomes difficult to focus on far and near objects.  As per the statistics, almost one hundred million Americans suffer from this problem. Presbyopia is a part of the aging process. It happens between the ages of 40 and 50. Bifocal and toric lenses are some of the best ways to correct this problem.

Bifocal and toric contact lenses are very convenient. The design of the soft contact lens is so thin that the user at times may feel nothing at all. The eye makes adjustment to the two different powers with the passage of time. These lenses are a suitable treatment option for astigmatism also. It is truly amazing how changes in contact lens technology have changed the lives of people by correcting their vision.