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Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses? Which Option Is Best For You?

A number of people throughout the world have vision problems which need correction. It becomes an interesting debate whether one should use eye glasses or contact lenses. Some people say that contact lens is the better option. The reason for this is their high comfort level, flexibility and low weight.

Both contact lenses and eyeglasses provide you superfine quality of vision. Eye glasses give you a crisp vision which is consistent without any variation. This is because glasses are solid pieces of plastic or glass.

On the other hand contact lenses are made of flexible plastic like material and may not be able to ensure the degree of consistence that you will enjoy with glasses. Contact lenses provide you with good straight ahead vision. They are lightweight and will not get in the user’s way. As a matter of fact they are recommended for people in a number of professions.

  The variables of environment have a major impact on the efficacy of soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses have high water content. In case the user goes into a room which is air conditioned, there is a chance that the user will suffer from blurred vision.

It becomes very important to blink the lens in case of  blurred vision. Eye glasses allow you to see straight ahead. The things that cannot be seen straight ahead have an element of distortion.  In case the person has astigmatism, he is bound to suffer more distortion after he wears the eye glasses.

The contact lenses are one of the safest lenses as far as distortion factor is involved. The prime reason for this is that these lenses directly rest on the eye. Contact lenses give you a true vision. The major drawback of eyeglasses is that they do not give you adequate peripheral vision. Vision through a pair of glasses is distortion free only through the center of the lens. On the other hand a contact lens provides completely distortion free vision.

It would be a good idea not to make the decision yourself, but to visit an eye doctor who will diagnose your eyes and make a suitable recommendation.