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Eyes and Contact Lenses Do not have to be a Parched Pair

Many people who wear contact lens suffer from dry eyes. It is not only a very bothersome and irritating sensation but can also cause infection. People who wear contact lenses often become very frustrated because of this.

Thankfully, there are a number of different solutions available which can cure dry eyes. These solutions lubricate and hydrate the lens and provide comfort to the contact lens users.

Quite naturally when the user no longer experience dry eyes then the experience of wearing contacts becomes much more enjoyable.

There are many reasons that lead to dry eyes. Contact lenses are  responsible for this condition to quite an extent. Besides that overwork and not blinking the eyes regularly while wearing contacts can also lead to dry eyes. Wearing contact lenses over extended periods of time, without taking them off can also lead to this stressful situation.

Dry eyes over a prolonged period leads to what is known as the  dry eye syndrome. This can lead to permanent eye disease or damage.

In such a situation, it is ideal to  seek the advice of an eye  specialist. It becomes very important to find the causes of dry eyes and to remove them. Sometimes environmental factors relating to the contact wear are also responsible for the dry eyes. In case you know the exact cause, the treatment becomes easy.

One cure for dry eyes is  artificial tears. These are the best remedy for the cure of dry eyes. These are also called as  lubricating drops. Once you put these drops into your eyes, the dryness will go away. The solution lubricates the lenses and moistens the eyes.

 The best thing about artificial tears is that you can use them as and when you like. They are portable. In some cases artificial tears do not work. Such people should use Restasis drops which encourage the secretion of natural tears. These drops are an effective cure for the dryness in the eyes.  

Since Restasis drops encourage the production of tears, the eyes are naturally hydrated. Wearing contact lenses no longer seems to be an ordeal when the user applies these drops.