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Novelty Contact Lenses

Are you bored with the same eye color? Want to give your eyes a drastic change? If yes then Novelty contact lenses are the way to go. Novelty contact lenses are the latest thing on the fashion block and can change the way your eyes look. These contact lenses are available in a multitude of colors and patterns. From bright checks to polka dots to smileys…you can have any designs in your contact lens. Unlike prescription lenses, novelty contact lenses are not meant to rectify your vision problems. They are just a fashion accessory and are only meant to change the appearance of your eye.

Whilst novelty contact lenses may be a thing to keep you with the latest trends, health experts suggest that you be cautious while using these lenses. Many doctors are of the view that novelty contact lenses can cause damage to the eyes. It is for this reason that doctors suggest that you check with an optometrist before you opt for one of these lenses. FDA too suggests the need of a prescription to use these lenses.

One must take great care while wearing novelty contacts. Here are some tips that you must bear in mind when using these lenses.

* Novelty contact lenses should be worn only for short time durations. Wearing them for long hours could lead to infection.
* Never ever sleep with these lenses on.
* Always insert these lenses only after you have applied your makeup. Even if the slightest of makeup falls on these lenses, it could result in to a troublesome situation for you.
* Make sure that you follow the guidelines of using these lenses strictly.
* Lastly, keep in mind that you never ever swap these lenses with your friend. Exchanging these lenses or opting for used lenses can lead to various eye problems.

If you are considering buying these contact lenses, it is suggested that you make your purchase only from a reputable distribution. You can find these lenses in hoards over the internet. But considering that the risks with these lenses are fairly higher, you should not risk buying them online. You can also find these lenses at a nearby salon or at a flea market near you. However, buying these lenses from anywhere other than a credible source could mean inviting serious trouble for you. You could even ask you optometrist to prescribe you these lenses.

Using contact lenses can be fun for sure but you need to ensure that you use them correctly. Incorrect usage of these lenses could damage your eye and even lead to vision loss, which certainly is not going to be fun. So, the next time you are using these contact lenses, be careful!