Buying Contact Lenses Online

A wise consumer today is one who shops from his work table or the nearest cyber café. Buying goods online makes complete sense for most consumer products as one can see the entire range and check for the prices and other competitive advantages, while browsing through the sites of products on the website. The buying of contact lenses online therefore is just one such example of perfect and sensible shopping decisions.

But unlike the buying of consumer items of daily use buying contact lenses online requires some spade work before one can actually buy the item online. As this is a medical item, online contacts buying requires that one should have a medical prescription in place before venturing on to buying contact lenses online.

This medical prescription should give details of the kind of contact lens that the wearer has to be fitted out with. This gives the buyer the advantage of buying contact lenses online. This medical prescription is detailed about the kind of corrective measures the eye of the wearer needs in order to be equipped with contact lenses.

The medical prescription for a buyer of contact lenses will give the power of the lenses required by the wearer. It will give the sphere, cylinder, axis, diameter, base curve and peripheral curvature of the eye and by reading these details the makers of contact lenses will be able to equip the wearer of contact lenses with an individually crafted pair of lenses for his use.

Without these essential details the cruising through a website of contact lens makers would be a futile task undertaken by the user of contact lenses. Also, it is essential that the wearer and buyer of contact lenses online should use a medical prescription that is just one or two years old.

A later prescription may not give accurate readings of the state of the eyes and one might require vision corrections and alterations to be pointed out, in subsequent prescriptions. Thus for shopping online, in the matter of contact lenses, one must be prepared to use an updated and correct medical prescription from a reliable optometrist, for best results.

Once one has the necessary medical papers in place, the buyer online must then browse around for a reliable company manufacturer of contact lenses and not settle for the first site that comes into view on the computer screen. Even after one has homed on to a particular supplier there is a necessity to get a re check on the supplier before firming up on the order. This rechecking can be done from a shop or supplier one is familiar with and one can rely on, for accuracy.

In case one has no such reliable source for rechecking one’s contact lens order placement online, it is necessary to follow a few thumb rules on one’s own. While buying contact lenses online it is essential that one is aware of attempts by some suppliers to suggest substitutes in place of the brands that your doctor might have mentioned.

Buying an alternative brand is not a way of diverting the customer by the suppliers. It is done for other reasons as well. As contact lenses differ on the water content and shape of the contact lenses, there is a difference in the contact lenses on these lines. Buying contact lenses online thus means that one should be aware of theses aspects of contact lens buying when shopping online for them. Settling for a substitute lens cannot be done by the lay user of contact lenses.

At this point it is necessary to consult your medical practitioner and not rely on the offers given by contact lens manufacturers who have the facility of selling contact lenses online. It is only a professional who can decide whether the alternative offer of a contact lens variety available online will be suitable for the user.

Also, such information cannot be confirmed on the phone. As the professional who is being asked by the patient about the alternative brand of contact lens has to personally check out the eyes and the prescription before giving his opinion, a personal visit to the doctor becomes a must for the wearer of contact lenses and who wants to buy a pair of them online.

With a few precautions in place and with a few valuable guidelines to be kept in mind while buying contact lenses online, the wearer is sure to get both comfort and his money’s worth, when shopping online for contact lenses.