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Can Amblyopia Be Treated With Contact Lenses?

Amblyopia is a vision disorder that affects a small but significant part of the human population. The disorder develops at a very early stage of childhood and is characterized by unequal vision stimulation. In this condition, the eyes do not see in a synchronized manner and the burden of vision falls on just one eye. After a point of time, the brain shuts off the impaired eye.

Amblyopic vision impairment is a result of either an uncorrected refractive error or a result of trauma to the eye at a very young age. Its symptoms include the following:

* Eye strain
* Headaches
* Squinting
* Loss of vision in one eye

It is important to treat Amblyopia as soon as possible. If not corrected by the age of 9, it is possible that the brain may start to ignore the vision acquired by the impaired eye. Also, once the brain learns to ignore this vision there is no way it can be made to unlearn it. Hence, it becomes important to treat Amblyopia before the age of 9.

Treatment for Amblyopia Using Contact Lenses
The usual method to treat Amblyopia is through vision therapy exercises, use of eye-patch, vision correction glasses and surgery. However, these methods have their demerits of being cumbersome, ugly-looking and expensive). The best, and the easiest, way to treat Amblyopia is through the use of contact lenses.

Contact lens treatment for Amblyopia is pretty much straightforward. Instead of spectacles, vision impairment in the eye is corrected with the help of contact lenses. The child is made to wear contact lens in the eye with weak vision capabilities. This vision correction then allows the brain to acquire a clearer picture and continue with the use of that eye.

Psychological Benefits of Using Contact Lenses To Treat Amblyopia
Contact lenses are the best to treat Amblyopia because their use is invisible to the onlooker. Hence, nobody (which would mostly include the child's peers) makes the child conscious of his/her disability. It is also relatively cheaper.

What Contact Lenses Should You Buy for Treating Amblyopia
Amblyopia is treated with the help of prosthetic contact lenses. These are special type of contact lenses made for correcting disfigurement of cornea and improve its appearance. These are specially made lenses which are almost similar to regular contact lenses.

However, these lenses are not available off the shelf. This means you can not go to a contact lens vendor and buy a box of lenses according to the prescription that you are carrying. Instead, you need to pay a visit to your eye doctor. He/she would either have a set of ready-made prosthetic contact lenses or would place an order with any of the leading contact lens manufacturers.