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Cure Glaucoma With Contact Lenses

Glaucoma is one of the most common eye ailments in the world today. However, vision can be retained, if it is detected early enough. There are surgical as well as non surgical methods such as lenses available to manage and treat the condition.

The condition of glaucoma- said to be the second most common cause of blindness in the world- occurs when there is a pressure build up in the eye; thereby hindering the flow of blood to the organ. The light sensitive elements find themselves deprived of blood nutrition and eventually die out as a result.

Types of Glaucoma
Glaucoma can be classified into two categories- acute and chronic. In the acute form of the condition, the symptoms set in very quickly and cause pain and blurred vision usually curable by medication and appropriate surgical procedures.

Chronic glaucoma is more common and develops at a slow pace, first by affecting the vision periphery and then gradually eroding the field of vision. In the final stages, only a tunnel of vision is left in the center of the eye which may also get extinguished if not given proper treatment.

Revolutionary New Treatment for Glaucoma
While the first cause of blindness- the cataract- can be treated with surgery, there is no permanent cure for glaucoma induced blindness. However, recent research on the subject has lead researchers to find a treatment for the ailment which may very well be available in the market in the very near future.

Tingrui Pan and Hailin Cong, are both researchers at UC Davis. They have designed a contact lens to keep the eye condition in check. These revolutionary lenses are fitted with organic polymers, better known asĀ  polidimethylsiloxane or PDMS- commonly used for biological purposes. Since Glaucoma signifies the rise of pressure within the eyes, the lens is crafted to detect it and also mark any signs of onset of the disease.

What's more, the duo is also developing a contact lens which will automatically dispense medicine in the glaucoma infected eye according to the pressure present.

Contact lens for Glaucoma
However, before these brand new inventions hit the market, you can use the normal contact lens which helps almost every other eye condition. Modern rigid lens in particular can be tolerated even by people suffering from Glaucoma. To determine whether a lens is suitable for you, do mention that you have been diagnosed with the condition to your ophthalmologist and ask him to prescribe a lens accordingly.

Similarly, with soft contact lenses one needs to contact the eye doctor to decide which type of lens would be most suitable.